The next day. Amazing.


“Arent you tired after 2 days been so intensive?” They ask me.

“Nope. Only just a bit tired. I am regenerated”.

The next day after the “Love Management® High Impact Communication Training” is ever increasingly extraordinary.

Years ago doing this training on companies was so hard and engaging that all our team came home very tired at the end.

Now is everytime more beautiful. All the improvements made during these years (so far 19!) since I started to lead that training made it extremenly powerful and regenerating not only for partecipants but also for us in our staff (2 coaches and the assistant).


The improvements lie within the layer of depth we managed to reach.

The key elements of communications are the 3 Aristotele pillars:



Let speak about first one: ETHOS

ETHOS s what became really part within yourself.

You communicate it because that concept IS YOU.

You cant just read a book and then teach it.

You have to integrate the concepts within you, live it, experience them, fully trust these till they become your unconditional reflection.
In 20 years I kept to elaborate concepts, study them, to experiment on me firstly and transfer them to partecipants.
You can communicate from heart of people only if you speak from your heart.
Only doing it by yourself you can inspire others to do the same.
Even a corporate classroom can be imagined as a place where people are forced to stay.
People love to talk with their Hearts. Because it makes them feel good. In their job and life.
If we do that, people will feel free to do the same, and they can help others to do the same as well.
It’s a virtous circle. Virtuous and powerful.
Here are the comments from who have attended the last Training Love Management of Communication at High Business Impact.

It was great to share this experience with all of you and get to know your emotions, thank you! Miranda and Monica, I want to thank you for the opportunity and for the tools you gave us and taught us at workplace and personal level, thank you! Patrizia B.
I waited to write because I was afraid of being too “smelensa”but I really feel the need to thank you all for letting go and letting me discover how many beautiful qualities are inside each of you and especially for making me feel part of the Group.Francesca C.

Since Friday night my tummy is in turmoil. Virus? I think not, maybe it’s better to talk about emotions so strong to be… visceral. Thank you all for the sense of team, the laughter, the tears. Silva C.
Hello to all of you… Some of you knew how much I didn’t believe in this path…. Well I’ve changed my mind… it was really exciting, beautiful, useful…. And now I want to move on.  I have “met” exceptional people with whom I have worked for a long time. Paola G.

An earthquake of emotions of which even now I cannot measure its intensity! THEN (it is not said); I thought that rationalizing a lot of things was the solution to the various problems… but the model of these last 48 hours rather upset my ideas.

On the other hand it gave me some formidable tools above all I got such special “fellow adventurers” to complete me now where I was missing myself … for too long!!!!!!!! … climbing starts tomorrow, come on guys!! Daniele R.

When I left the meeting room on the first night, I was certain that I felt deep affection and esteem for all the people present with me. When I left the same room on the second night, I knew why. Thank you Miranda, thank you Monica, thank you all.  There are no words to describe emotions you gave me.

They will be of great help for my grwoth. Maria Carla V.

Dear 9 horseman of the apocalypse plus me, they were two wonderful days and today I missed you a little… Tomorrow I will see you again with much pleasure and we will have the opportunity to comment, work and try to improve ourself even more, possibly, than we did in the exciting 48 hours of delirium just passed!

Thanks to everyone but above all THANKS to our two Guiding Spirits and their Charon who ferried us to a world (not just a corporate one) that we will certainly manage in a better way.

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU who have written these words, who have put yourselves into play with COURAGE, who allowed me and all of us to work in a context like this. Thank you for giving us your trust.

Thanks to those customers companies and even not customers whom are investing in the most important element they have at their disposal : their people.

Thanks to those customers companies and even not customers whom have Heart (Love) and that use tools (Management) to continue to evolve and help create a better world.

Thank you