“I have given up so many times to make a speech in public and I realized that I have lost so many opportunities either.”

I have heard this statement so many times before. Too many.

Opportunities are very valuable especially in this very moment in history.

Capability to speak in public is strictly connected not only in getting out winners from a difficult moment like this but also being able to come out with new strengthened Leader skills.

In that so much known time of crisis, references have come to miss, so certainties too.

Everything is on hold, waiting for something changes. People dont want take any decisions, they dont want to take risks because game rules are changed and you cant tell what will happen tomorrow.

Who knows how to speak in a group or to an audience is a Leader or he becomes it.

He shows the courage to have a direction and to take decisions.

He serves as guidance for others and others need it now!

Most important references become people who share ideas, they have a vision oriented in the future, they have solutions and they are able to show such in an entertaining and persuasive way to others.

Abilities are 2:

  • Seek for new positive ideas, about innovation during times of change
  • Communicate such in a persuasive way

If the first one isnt there yet, then better work on it!

Otherwise it ends up similar to many politicians who we already have seen and listened many times.

We get good at blowing a lot of smoke only because they speak with fake passion to the masses.

This is by the way, just the example of how even people are being followed despite THERE ARE NO IDEAS, but they know how to communicate to others in a very strong and decisive way.

I surely dont recommend that.

Often the chance doesnt fit the case about not having any ideas or knowledge to show them with force, but the opposite.

There are already many contractors and professionals who have very good ideas but they struggle to show these to others.

This is the case of so many entrepreneurs and leaders on history at the beginning of their careers.

Warren Buffet on his biography he says that he never learnt not to tremble addressing audiences, he rather learnt to address audiences despite the trembling!

In the vast majority of cases sharing good ideas it needs other people to help realizing them also!

The audience changes according to what we propose: groups of entrepreneurs, potential customers, business partners, collaborators, groups of banks and lenders and the list can become very long.

The audience could not only be made by hundreds of people. A strategic audience is also composed by only 1 person. If that make us uncomfortable as a group then it doesnt change anything.

It is time to move to phase 2: accept and welcome your leader role!

If you want take advantage of that moment, you want to stop loosing chances, you want to turn an hard moment to an opportunity (I remind you that the Chinese ideogram for the word crisis is composed by the words Crisis and Opportunity) then you gain that new ability.

Furthermore it will fuel your trust because by keeping up communicating in front of groups your confidence will keep growing up.

Next time you will be able to say: “At last I been confident in communicating in front of an audience. I have conveyed my ideas that I can really change things for myself good and all the people involved and  the society I live into. I am satisfied and proud of myself and for my ideas. This time I took advantage of that opportunity.

If you already know how to communicate to an audience and you want an advanced level of training then you can participate in the next edition of the Love Management training.

Have fun and enjoy the growth in communication and leadership practice.

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